Time for an e-book version, and a bit of overseas exposure

An e-book version of ‘Two Squatters’ to be released in early 2015

A Happy New Year to all readers of this blog. The blog is now just one year old. Prior to the end of year break, I arranged with my printer to release an e-book version of “Two Squatters”. I hope to get this done during February and released worldwide before mid year, on Apple iTunes, Amazon Kindle and so forth. This decision is to enable overseas readers particularly to access the book at a reasonable cost. About one-quarter of the content of “Two Squatters” is based in England. Thus, it should have a substantial readership in that country. I am also interested to learn how well a non -fiction book works as an e-book. Like many others, I have some reservations.

Postage rates these days for books makes it difficult for a small-run publisher to sell overseas. My book weighs over 600g, and this means that postage rates to Europe are calculated on a one kilogram parcel rate. By sea, this is $A20.45; by air, $39.10.

Now, I just have to devise a good way of letting people know in Europe and in the Americas that this book exists. All suggestions are most welcome.

Meantime, back at home, the printed version continues to sell steadily. Even more pleasing is that I have in recent months received some very favourable commentary on the book such as ‘lucid and precise’, a huge amount of research’, ‘gives me a completely new view of Melbourne in the 1840s’, ‘a great insight into Melbourne’, ‘has told me so much about those times that I did not know’, and ‘an admirable source-book for anyone interested in early Victorian history’. I am of course much encouraged by this and by favourable comments from professional historians too. Naturally, I am now all fired up to research and write a lot more on Victoria in that period – so this will mean many hours at the State Library, Public Record Office and the Lands Department over the next year or so.

Currently, I am doing work on my memoirs, some of which I will structure so that they can be published on the open market; other parts will be for immediate family only; others may be structured simply as essays on topics of personal interest. So keep an eye out for a book with a title something like this – ‘ Life as a scientist in CSIRO’ – revealing all of course!

Good wishes to all readers.



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