How to attract a bigger readership

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One of the fundamental problems we face as a group of self-published authors is how to let a wider audience know of our recently released work. We need to sell some 200 books to cover just the costs of production and printing, especially as some 50 copies may be given away as legal deposit copies, library donations, for obtaining permissions, and simply as gifts for friends. So how do we sell at least 150 copies to cover our out-of-pocket expenses. Lets look at some ways to achieve this:
– write it as a social history, not as a family history
– make sure you design an attractive cover
– price it competitively
– make sure you produce this non-fiction in a professional way, and do this by looking at a number of examples of commercially published non-fiction works
– promotion and publicity are important. Don’t neglect radio stations, newspapers, and local groups, such as U3As, Probus, Rotary, book groups and so on
– donate books to key organisations e.g., historical societies, mechanics institutes
– select specialist bookshops and local bookshops and ask them to sell copies
– hold a book launch, promote at literary festivals, and develop comprehensive invitation lists
– develop colourful and attractive invitations
– organise with your printer to have postcards of your cover, and maybe business cards and bookmarks
– never miss an opportunity to let people you meet that you have just released a book


of course, create your own website for selling the book on-line, but importantly for directing people to when they want to know more details of the content of your book. It goes unsaid, but regularly update your website. This is often neglected.

Finally, have a blog site like this one. These are very easy and quick to set up through groups like WordPress. My big problem has been producing regular 500 word blogs. At least one a month should be the aim, to keep followers interested. Hopefully some of you will now respond and come up with other methods to promote and market. Thanks to Bill Barlow for making us all keep thinking – more of it needed!

Now, why not go to and find out all about my recently released book

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