Setting up the layout for a book

Books of course can be all shapes and sizes, and about a huge range of subjects and emotions, so the example I give below on how to set up a book in detail really only applies to the specific book. In this case, my recently published book, Two Squatters, which is essentially an historical biography.

(using Two Squatters as an example)

A5 (148 x 210mm) Justified Text
Each section starts on odd (RHS) page

PARTS (RHS) – you may not need to divide into PARTS
PART Italic caps 48pt Times new Roman (TNR)
TITLE Italic caps 36pt TNR
YEARs Italic caps 24pt TNR
CHAPTER NUMBER – caps 14pt Garamond
Chapter Title – title case, bold 16pt Garamond
Abstract – lower case 9pt Garamond
Text – lower case, justified, 11pt Garamond
Main Headings (within chapter) – bold 14pt Garamond, with one line spacing below
Minor Headings (within chapter) bold italic 12pt Garamond, indented 10mm
Indentation first line of each paragraph – 5mm
Line spacing for Abstract – Exactly 11pt
Line spacing for Text – Exactly 13pt
Spacing from top of first page of each chapter
– 3 down CHAPTER
– 2 down TITLE
– 2 down ABSTRACT
– 1 down TEXT
Margins Header 10mm, Footer 10mm, Inside 8mm, Outside 15mm,
Top 20mm, Bottom 20mm, Gutter 13mm
Set up book for Mirror margins – left (even) and right pages (odd)

Special Fonts
Special text symbols
❁❅❒▼❙❈❆❇ -try Zapf Dingbats
♒♐♑⧫⍓⍓&♒⬧♌-try Wingding Font

SECTIONS set up Section Breaks on LHS or even pages between chapters
For each Section, set up Headers as follows:
Even pages = TWO SQUATTERS (caps 10pt Garamond, left justified)
Odd pages = eg., CHAPTER 5- THE VOYAGE TO MELBOURNE (caps 10pt Garamond, left justified)
Important Note: Be aware that you must ‘unlink’ sections, if you want to make HEADERS different for each section. Procedure: go to TOOLBOX/ FORMATTING PALETTE/HEADER & FOOTER (this only appears when Header is highlighted), then delete LINK TO PREVIOUS

BOXES TITLE capital bold 12pt Garamond
-BACKGROUND – set at 2 shades of grey
-TEXT – lower case 11pt Garamond
-REFERENCES – 10pt Garamond

ENDNOTES Chapter heading 14pt Garamond centre justify
– Notes – 10pt, left justify
PROBLEM – Microsoft Word thinks Endnotes is automatically at end of document, once you move all endnotes from ends of each chapter and place them together towards the end of the book. MS Word informs you that you cannot place a Section Break after the last Endnote. So it is not possible to place an Index at the end.
SOLUTION – make a separate file for your INDEX, with appropriate page numbers and Headers. Save both this file and your main book file as pdfs, and then merge both files with Adobe Acrobat or similar (the printer will do this for you probably).
There is another solution to this problem, which avoids making two pdf files and merging them. It has been described recently by Bill Barlow, but is quite complex to do.

PAGE NUMBERING – lower case roman numerals for front pages, then conventional arabic numerals for the body of the text – font size 9pt

OUTSIDE COVER -Title – Lucida Calligraphy 26pt
– Sub title – Lucida Calligraphy 14 pt
– Author Name – Times new Roman 18pt

ANOTHER TIP – With Microsoft Word, you may get a format -jumping problem if you are not set up properly. Solution is to go to TOOLS/AUTOFORMAT/unclick box.

Italics: use for names of ships, Australia Felix, house and property names
Inverted Commas: – single inverted commas – use for short text quotations, but not for long quotations (where you indent text 10mm on LHS, reduce font to 10pt)
Double inverted commas: – use sparingly and only for quotes within quotes.
Underlining: use only for Latin or other foreign language text
Thats all for this week. I hope someone finds it useful when setting up a book. Main thing is to have some cards near your workspace which describe all the above and which you can refer to easily when writing.

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