Don Grant Award

I am happy to advise that I was awarded Second Place in the Don Grant Award for my book “Two Squatters” at the Annual Awards Luncheon of the Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies (AIGS). This is awarded for the Best Australian Historical Biography with a family history focus.

Featured image

Photograph by Louise Wilson

Good friend and author, Louise Wilson, was at the lunch and kindly sent me photographs and the following statement on her Facebook page.

“Last Sunday I attended the annual Awards lunch of the AIGS (Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies). It was a full-house affair, indicating great support for the many writers who submitted entries from all over Australia. I haven’t published any books recently so did not not enter this year, but my fellow member of the Genealogical Society of Victoria Writers’ Circle, Martin Playne, received Second Place in the Don Grant Award for his book ‘Two Squatters …..’ The judges said he was unlucky not to win, indicating that the scores were very close.”

The book “Two Squatters” is selling quite steadily, and the local bookshops sold out of their copies. More to be provided for Fathers’ Day.

In my next blog, I will be talking about my experiences in being a tutor for a U3A group, where I am presenting a course of 9 sessions on ‘The Port Phillip District in the 1840s’. This Friday’s session is Transport by Water, where we are looking at the ports, harbours, rivers of Victoria in the 1840s and the types of boats and cargo of those times. More on this course in my next blog.

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