The Squatters on Pastoral Runs on the Campaspe River, Victoria – 1837 -1854

The Kyneton track was used until ca. 1850, after which the Heathcote track predominated

The Kyneton track was used until ca. 1850, after which the Heathcote track predominated

List Of Pastoral Runs & Squatters On The Campaspe, 1837-54
(not comprehensive, based mainly on information from Randell, 1982)

Axedale, Axe Ck., -McGill, William and Boyd, Thomas Elder, and Ross, James Hunter 1843
Barfold – Yaldwyn, W. H. and John Coppock, 1837; Mitchell, W.H.F.; Thorneloe, Thomas;
Barnedown – Bennett, Henry G. -, 1840-1. In 1846, he subdivided the property (see Muskerry Sta); Lynott, Charles and Peter Imlay took up the west Barnedown station, 1849; Mason, Robert, Patrick Bell and Charles Oliver, 1854 (Lynott retained the homestead area )
Burnewang (30 miles north near Elmore) – Postlethwaite, Edward and William, 1841; Bakewell, John and Robert, 1845; Jeffreys Bros., 1852 (they also owned Kyneton Sta since 1841;
Camel or Mt Campbell Station also called Calbinibbin – Keith, William, 1842; Hyde, Margaret, 1849, then Begg family and Degraves family
Campaspe Plains – Hutton, Charles, capt , 1838; Jennings, Daniel, 1839-51 and
Playne, George, 1839-44; Ebden, Charles H., 1851; Patterson, John H., 1852-

This plan shows the subdivision of the original Campaspe Plains Station, which occurred in 1852

This plan shows the subdivision of the original Campaspe Plains Station, which occurred in 1852

Deerinal – Patterson to Speed, William, 1853
Kimbolton – Patterson, John H., 1853
Langwoornar – Robinson Cocks, 1859
Moorabbee – William Henry and John Holmes Robertson, 1859]

Campaspie (later Coliban Estate) and Spring Plains Stations – Monro, Henry- 1838 – 43; Brodie Brothers bought western part called Campaspie or later Coliban Estate; McGill, William and partners bought the eastern part, called Spring Plains in 1843 and quickly sold it to Main, Patrick. By 1845, Main had sold it to Easey, William.
Campaspie River – Ogilby, Robert E.,1841; James Robertson, 1846-53; then held by sons of Robertson
Carlsruhe – Ebden, Charles H., and James Donnithorne, 1837; Cumming, William and John J B Smythe, 1840; Gibbon, Thomas A., 1844; John Hughes, 1844-52; Government purchased as a police depot, 1852 (Carlsruhe Hotel was started by Gibbon).
Colliban Station – Mollison, Alexander F., 1838; James Orr , 1848;
Darlington and Den Stations – Brown, Sylvester J. Capt., 1837; (Alexander, Thomas, B. and Cox, William assisted Brown); Baynton, Thomas, Dr – 1841. Thomas Alexander held the Den in 1841, sold the Den to Simmons, George in 1844
Glenhope (prev. part of northern section of Darlington) – Pohlman, Robert W., Pohlman, Frederick R., and Budd, Richard H. , 1840 – 51, later held by Orr, John.
Langley Vale (part of Barfold run originally) and Spring Plains Stations – Beauchamp. Roger and Barrow, Henry , 1844. In 1849, Beauchamp sold Langley Vale to Hogg, Edward J. Beauchamp retained Spring Plains. In 1850 he bought Wild Duck Ck. In 1851 Beauchamp sold Spring Plains to John David and William D Collyer. In 1852 he sold Wild Duck Ck to the Collyers.
Major’s Line Station – Townend, Henry, 1840; Egan, James, 1842; Harpham, William P., 1866
Major Mitchell’s Creek Station – Stevenson, James and Robert B Macpherson, 1841; Buttrass, Thomas, 1843; Barnett, William and John Compton, 1844; Campbell, John, 1856
Mt Alexander North (later Ravenswood) – Sherratt, Charles – 1841; Heape and grace
Mt Campbell, see Camel
Muskerry Station (the eastern subdivision of Barnedown Sta, includes Mt Pleasant) – Bennett, Henry, 1846; McDougall, Archibald, 1853, John Clement, 1865
Pastoria Station – Piper, William 1839; Govett, George, 1851

Hurst, William, overseer – ‘Campaspe Plains’ 1843-5 for Jennings and Playne
Matheson, Donald, overseer – ‘Campaspe Plains’ for Jennings and for Ebden 1850-2
Matheson, D., overseer – ‘Axe Ck’ for McGill 1843
Matheson, D., overseer – ‘Glenhope’ for Pohlman, abt 1845-9
Christie, Charles, overseer – ‘Spring Plains’ for Monro, 1838-40
McLean, Donald, overseer – ‘Pyalong’ for Mollison, 1838-1841
Coppock, John, overseer – ‘Barfold’ for Yaldwyn, 1837
Bissett, William, overseer – ‘Tooboruc’ for John Patterson
Cooper, William, overseer – ‘Restdown Plains’ for Alexander Sim, 1847

This listing covers the central part of the Campaspe River catchment area. It does not cover the upper reaches of the river near Kyneton nor the lower reaches near Echuca.

Corrections and additions to this information would be appreciated.

My interest arises from my detailed studies of the two squatters Jennings and Playne who occupied Campaspe Plains Station (see my book Two Squatters: the lives of George Playne and Daniel Jennings. For more information, see ).

For those that don’t know, the Campaspe River runs through central northern Victoria in Australia.

Images of the two squatters - Daniel and George [drawn by Moira Playne]

Images of the two squatters – Daniel and George [drawn by Moira Playne]

As you can see, I am experimenting with placement of images. I hope you enjoy them.


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